The Junior Ice Comedians is a team of skaters competing under the “Ensemble” rules of ISI. 


Amy Coperchini created this team in 2017, since then the Junior Ice Comedians are regularly competing across Southern California. 


The team is composed of skaters between the ages of 7 years old and 14 years old. All the Junior Ice Comedians have a very good spirit and there’s a nice bond between the skaters and their coach, Amy. 


All the programs created for the Junior Ice Comedians are made to be funny and entertain the judges and the audience. As every team, the Junior Ice Comedians represent a rink, we are representing the L.A. Kings Valley Ice. Currently the team’s program is a hilarious version of Jurassic Park where dinosaurs are dancing ballet.


To join the team, you have to sign up with the Valley Edge Skating School at the L.A. Kings Valley Ice Center located in Panorama City, CA. The practices time are during skating school hours: every Saturday from 1:00pm to 1:30pm with extra practice time every other Sunday from 11:45am to 12:45pm.


For more information about joining the team, contact coach Amy at 818 575 0825 or


Here are the rules for an Ensemble Team as specified in the ISI rulebook:

"This event is open to groups of 3-7 skaters of all levels and ages. Skaters will be judged on the performance value of the program. There are no required maneuvers, no maneuver limitations and there is no technical score for this event. The group should use music, costumes & props to enhance the theme while creating an entertaining performance.  The costume & prop guidelines are the same as for Solo Spotlight events. Props are not allowed on warm-up. Event groups are divided by number of skaters first and then by age, if necessary. Duration: 3 minutes."

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