Everything started in 2005 in France when Amelie Coperchini, wrote a figure skating show called Ice Comedia. The show was taking place in Venice (Italia) hence the name in reference to the Comedia Dell’Arte. After a few month spent righting this show, Amelie realized that it was not good enough to be produce. She decided to put the script aside and went on with her skating life. 


In 2008, she wanted more than ever to fulfill her child’s dream: create her own skating shows company. As she was searching for a name for the company, she went through her archives and found the old Ice Comedia file. She decided to keep the name and the logo for the company. For three years, she searched for producers for different show she wrote but nothing took off. Ice Comedia was drifting into nothingness.


In 2016, Amelie moved to the United States of America to work as a coach and choreographer. Not enough free time to work on the writing of any show, she left Ice Comedia aside and only used the name mostly on her professional business cards to sell her services as a private figure skating coach.


In 2018, Ice Comedia went through a big logo change and went for something completely different, more modern. But still no producer in sight.


In 2019, Amelie decided that it was time to give Ice Comedia a new purpose. She wanted to transform it into an educational platform about figure skating. She completely reworked the website and added more content in order to share her passion for figure skating.



2008 logo

2018 logo

2019 logo

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