Skaters who are not competing. Recreational skating.



Skaters who are participating in competition. Competitive skating.



Preparation for special events (movies, music videos, advertisement..).


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Creation of choreography for show or competition programs.



Work on steps, step sequences and footwork.


Music edition

Music edition for shows or competitions. Includes a copy of the music on CD.



Accompanying of students to competition through warmup and program.

Price vary depending on competition location

Off ice

Off ice practice to improve on ice skills.


Program bundle

Includes 2h30 of choreography and one music edition. Has to be paid upfront.

$200 instead of $220


Buy 10 lessons upfront and get a 5% discount.

No need to book all the lessons in the same time, book them one by one. Lessons canceled less than 24hours before might be deduced from your credit. 

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