If you need to cancel a booked lesson, please make sure to do so at least 24hours before the lesson or the lesson might be charged. Remember that the time slot you booked might have been refused to someone else. In case of last minute cancelation, Ice Comedia will decide if your lesson is due or not. If Ice Comedia has to cancel a lesson less than 24hours before it begins, then a lesson will be credited to you.



All lessons must be paid the day they have been given.



In agreement with the L.A Kings Valley Ice Center “Non solicitation policy”, if you are already taking lessons from another coach at the L.A Kings Valley ice Center, you must ABSOLUTELY notify your current coach that you want to take lessons with someone else. Please also notify Amy that you already have a coach so she can discuss with this one before going any further.



Every lesson is due in full even if started late by the customer. If Ice Comedia is responsible for lateness then the price of your lesson will be adjusted to the actual length of the lesson.

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